Monday 21 July 2014

Day 2 ends - Setup and network trouble

The seconds day ends and we heading back home to our hotel. We used the time for a test game versus MRL and found some potential for improvements. Our team is already working on these findings. Tobias was also quite busy checking the fields for faults in the wifi configuration after a few teams complained that the GameController (translator between human referee decisions into networks packages) network packages aren't received by the robots. We found some issues and a faulty wireless router and now we hope to be ready for the first real game tomorrow. Th game will be played at 5:20pm German time.

We also participated in our first drop in game. In a drop in game we play like team blue versus team red a usual. However, each of the teams is made up by different competitors. The team members communicate via a standard protocol and have to agree on a strategy. This challenge is quite new and the teams are still working to get a good balance between trust to the other players and doubts about the information the other teammates provide.

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