Sunday 20 July 2014

RoboCup side stories: Episode One - Chica Bonita

As mentioned before the venue is outside of the city and without AC. So we need a lot water which was not available yesterday. We sent three of our bravest men to find a super market.

The taxi driver drove them to a place quite like Walmart, Rewe or Kaufland. Taxi drivers don't accept credit card here and our three men had to pay with hard currency  Also it's quite hard to get money from an ATM. Credit cards are not accepted in most places and you can only withdraw money from 6am to 10pm - that's usually the time we work on the robots.

They bought cases full of food and water. In the meantime the team "Hulks" asked us if they should bring also some water So we are good for the next few days.  As our men tried to find a taxi to drive back to the venue a friendly man invited them to his car and assured them that he is a taxi driver. Spoiler - he was not... but our three men where lucky. He was a good guy and drove them back to the venue for R$ 30 (~10€) checking Facebook all the time while driving, showing the guys the chica bonitas on Facebook and honked his horn at the chicka bonita on the street walk.

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