Thursday 24 July 2014

Final Match: NaoTeam HTWK vs. RunSwift -- 1:5

This game was unlike anything we have seen before. The first few minutes of the first half were well-balanced between the two teams. However, soon it was getting interesting. Team rUNSWift scored the first goal. The wifi network was failing and every robot on the field was switching to the striker role. Every robot was moving to the ball and a wall of robots were approaching the goal. The half time ended there and we spent the pause attempting to get the wifi router working again. Sadly, it was no use and the referee was calling a referee timeout. We exchanged the wifi router two times and the second one was working eventually.

In the second half RunSwift scored a few more goals. The wifi was back working and we scored one as well.

So we are once more second in the world and we can't quite believe it. We came here with a code base which had faced us with huge problems and we fixed most of them.

We are also the best German team in the world and  the only team that scored a goal versus rUNSWift. We can be proud for this! :-D

After the game we used the time to make promotion shots with the locals. At the moment there should be a few thousand images on Facebook presenting a robot from the HTWK Leipzig.

And know we are celebrating a bit and enjoying the evening. A recording of the  match will follow soon.


  1. Congratulations on a good game! Curious what the brand/model was of the wifi router?

  2. It was D-Link one designed to be wall mounted. The problems most likely occured due to the Brazilian power grid.